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Do you have a complex shipment that does not fit to any regular container?
Do you need a flexible and cost effective solution?
Then you should consider talking with Mega Group.

Let’s have a look on the following actual transportation project that involves specialized and fragile equipment and we recently accomplished.

Our company efficiently shipped fish processing equipment, that was tailor made, designed and completely installed by the Bulgarian company named FOODIMAC LTD. We professionally managed to deliver under DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) terms from Plovdiv, Bulgaria up to final destination Limassol, Cyprus through the Port Hub of Piraeus in Greece. Two (2) privately owned trucks were used, to unload this fragile equipment to our warehouses in Aspropyrgos, Greece and thenceforth to reload them into two (2) containers. The first container was not as the most common container like the normal types used. Thus, this type of container is a 45’ PALLETWIDE CURTAIN SIDER FIO, where hydraulic cranes were used to load and carefully handle this specific fragile equipment. The second container used was a typical 40ft DV container. The cargo loaded onto this container had a complexity; the height of the “hat” of one particular machine (made by INOX and NIKEL materials) was exceeded the height of the container. Our expertise took the matter into their hands, they unscrew the “hat” of this product and professionaly stowed it using large stop chocks. The handling of this sensitive equipment was smooth, safe and of course delivered on time. We overcome the expectations of our client and fulfilled his demands. Our expert team handled both shipments using confidently a hydraulic crane and a special utility 5ton forklift.


1. It has ingenious design permits both conventional and sideways loading
2. It has patented base structure that gives the maximum side opening
3. It is accessible from three (3) sides
4. It has theft-proof curtains with heavy duty webbing
5. It is compatible with 40ft infrastructure
6. It is now XL APPROVED

If you need more information about these types of special transport in Europe or outside Europe, please contact us to request a quote from our dedicated staff.

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