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Authorized Economic Operator

MEGA GROUP S.A. has, in order to provide the best service possible to its customers, acquired Authorized Economic Operator Certification for Customs Simplifications / Security and Protection. The acquisition of this certificate offers direct benefits, including those outlined below.

  • Fewer physical and document checks, by at least 50%, compared to other economic operators when clearing goods through customs
  • Fewer safety and protection checks on entry and exit of goods from the customs territory of the EU.
  • Easier access to customs simplifications, use of simplified declarations and/or authorisation for customs clearance at a specified location (customs clearance at our company's facilities).
  • Priority inspection by the competent customs authority selecting shipments for inspection on entry or exit from the EU or during customs clearance, if the declaration is submitted by an AEO certificate holder on the basis of the risk analysis system in use.
  • Reduced guarantees compared to other economic operators, by 50% for temporary storage (T.6525 / 421 / A0019 / 2000)

    50% on customs clearance services

    30% on tax warehouses.

  • Selection of inspection location, where costs and delays will be significantly reduced compared to usual practices.
  • Reduced quantity of information for summary declarations 
  • Notification prior to arrival / departure of the goods from the customs area for the upcoming inspection.
  • Mutual recognition under future bilateral agreements between the European Union and third countries provides the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of fewer controls and priority inspection on entry of goods to third countries with which the EU has concluded agreements.
  • Indirect benefits such as reduction of theft and losses, reduced delays in shipments, improved scheduling, active intervention by personnel where necessary, reduced cost of controls of suppliers, reduced problems due prompt identification of issues by personnel, among others.
  • Recognition of the Authorised Economic Operator as a secure business partner, which makes every effort to reduce the risks in the supply chain in which it participates.



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